Freedom from Pornography

Many men are trapped in a habit of pornography. Current statistics indicate about:

50% of men and 20% of women view porn regularly

Most men are ashamed of being caught, so they hide their habit, sneak glances, look late at night. Porn becomes an appetite out of control.

Sam’s coaching has allowed me to have a confidante I can turn to and discuss things man to man that I would not discuss with others.

I can help you break from this crazy habit. It steals your freedom, robs your dignity, and leaves you feeling guilty on the inside.

Porn isn’t helping you or your relationships.

His patience and caring attitude make me feel comfortable enough to know I will never be judged by what I tell him but he will shoot from the hip and tell what I NEED to hear even if it might not be what I WANT to hear.

Single Businessman, 30+

Call for a private and confidential meeting. Let’s talk it over. I’ll explain the plan and you can see if it meets your need.

318-655-3984 Sam Kendrick

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