Expected Spiritual Directors for 2019

Karen Block

Approximately eight years ago I began to sense God’s movement in my life, drawing me towards the ministry of Spiritual Direction. I have a passion for coming along side people and listening with a servant’s heart. In His timing, this movement became a reality and I received my two-year certificate from the School of Sustainable Faith.

I consider it a privilege to be invited to join one’s spiritual journey, and find it very humbling at the same time. The value of Spiritual Direction is to discover an awareness of God in the ordinariness of one’s life; to explore and deepen the relationship; to learn to be; to awaken God-given desires; to discern one’s response to God….the possibilities are endless because we have a creative God. Maybe it is time to unbox Him?

Victoria Eagleson


Mary Kendrick

The art of holy listening. I have received this. I am seeking to offer this as I companion others. The past eight years have been preparing my steps. Marriage, family, home education, international living and local church ministries are the experiences that have shaped the spiritual direction ministry in my life.

I received my direction training through the Selah Certificate Program in Spiritual Direction, Leadership Transformations, Inc. in June 2016. I have been sitting in spiritual direction since 2008. My husband, Sam, and I have been married for 28 breath-taking years. We have three married sons and a daughter.

Sam Kendrick

My purpose – Brother with Men to Burn for Jesus Christ. Became a Christian in my teen years, 9 years US Air Force pilot, lived overseas 14 years, husband of one awesome wife, father to 4 terrific kids, a life coach since 2009, mostly with men. Small group and one to one discipleship for 35 years. In 2014 started Spiritual Direction training with Selah – Leadership Transformations.

The distinction of Spiritual Direction is “walking with” a brother towards Christ. I quit telling men what to do, and started listening with them to what God is saying to them.

Good experience with integrating the inner spiritual life with the outside behaviors, rock solid Jesus style marriages, helping men step away from pornography.

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